WordPress Text Sliders Plugin 2.2.2, Suppprot Woocommerce Text Slider

Hey WordPress Text Sliders Plugin User,

Big News, we received an amazing user’s feature request, he said he love our plugin, and he hope our wordpress text sliders plugin support woocommerce, because he have a long list of woocommerce products, users on his woocommerce shop had to scroll long to find the product on his site, he hope can put all products in one slider, so users will no need to scroll a long distance in his long list woocommerce shop page, great suggestion, we have released wordpress text sliders plugin 2.2.2 to realize woocommrece text slider for him, you can use shortcode [woocommercesliders] to insert woocommerce text slider in your wordpress post or pages 🙂

If you have any feature request, tell us, we are happy to realize it for you 🙂

Thanks, have a blessed day with your family! 🙂
WordPress Text Sliders Support  Team
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