WordPress Text Sliders Pro Plugin 5.3.2 Released

Hey WordPress Text Sliders Users,

Hope this message find you are doing well and have happy days with your family 🙂

We are happy to report you, we just released wordpress text slider plugin 5.3.2, for support show multiple wordpress rss text slider in one page, you can  insert multiple wordpress rss text slider shortcode in one page, or add multiple wordpress rss slider widget, via shortcode [[rsssliders]], wordpress rss text sliders will generate wordpress text slider via your specific rss feeds from other site and re-general them as a text slider for you automatically, in this case, your users will get fresh news from more great sites in your wordpress site, this will help wordpress users get newest news instantlly from multi-source, but just in one page, each of our wordpress rss slider  will have their own nav control and arrows, with dedicated effects. we are redevelop a new wordpress text slider plugin to let WooCommerce Text Slider support multiple slider in one page too, you will see it soon 🙂

We have uploaded wordpress text sliders pro plugin 5.3.2 to our site, please download the wordpress text sliders pro plugin in “my account” page 🙂

Thanks for the great ideas, any more ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell us, we are happy to realize them for you and we are very happy to build a great wordpress slider plugin for you 🙂

Thanks, have a blessed day with your family 🙂

Best  Regards,

WordPress Text Sliders Plugin Support

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