WordPress Text Sliders Pro Plugin 5.4.2 Released

WordPress WooCommerce Text Sliders Plugin Users,

Hope this message find you are doing well and have happy days with your family 🙂

We released wordpress woocommerce text slider plugin 5.4.2, now you can  show multiple wordpress woocommerce  text slider in one page, you can  insert multiple wordpress woocommerce text slider shortcode in one page, by insert shortcode [woocommercesliders], wordpress woocommerce product text sliders will add woocommerce products in one text slider, with woocommerce simple description and with the add to card shopping cart button, by this way, your can let your users check all products quickly in one place of your woocommerce product landing page, users will not need a lot of time to check all of your products one by one, or scroll mouse a long way in your screen, what users need to do is just stay in the current page and wait our wooocomemrce product text slider show all product which you specific in back end, and users will not leave away your site quickly 🙂

We have uploaded wordpress text sliders pro plugin 5.4.2 to our site, please download the wordpress woocommerce product text sliders pro plugin from our site and give us a feedback.  🙂

If you have any more question about woocommerce product text sliders, please don’t hesitate to tell us, we are happy to realize them for you and we are very happy to build a great wordpress slider plugin for you 🙂

Thanks, have a blessed day with your family 🙂

Best  Regards,

WordPress Text Sliders Plugin Support

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